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  1. Window Wreck

  2. Candy's Pun

    This is the 1st cartoon I got printed on a newspaper! For the newspaper, it had to be in grayscale(black & white), but here, you can see the colorized version!

  3. Burger Upsets Santa!

  4. Alice Bites A Freezeburger

  5. The 4 Card Suit Jungle Girls!

    What makes these girls look even sexier in this image I think is that they use all 16 of their appendages!(There are 4 appendages on each girl of course.) By the way, the fruit in Patience's panel are diceberries.

  6. Burger Vs. Misandry

    Since he's only 2 feet tall, Burger had to use the trash can as a footstool to X out the word drool. Notice that he didn't tamper with the word rule after girls, proving that he doesn't hate females, although there are several things about girls that he doesn't like.

  7. Stupid Speed Limit

    In case you're wondering, Sally & Brain are in the Museum of Rally, Pizzanama.

  8. Fire, Water, Grass: the Mini-Comic Strip

    This mini-comic strip is based on one of the Flash games in the Puzzles & Games Section. It's like Rock, Paper, Scissors & Roulette combined! Go to the Puzzles & Games Section & play it for more details.

  9. Thanks For 800 Hits

    Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man can magically create candies from his arms because of a magical kind of sugar in his body. He used this power to create the message out of peppermint, and as you can see, the voracious females are eating the symbols up! The girls' names from left to right: Candy Mississippi Stripes, Fudge Coco Stripes, Alice Pleasance Liddell, & Goldie Ellen Locks.

  10. Gonzo's Super-Long Trip

  11. Angelic Sabrina

  12. How Goldilocks Shops for New Shoes!

    I'm sure some of you ladies experienced what Goldilocks goes thru when she shops for new shoes! By the way, an 8.5 size shoe in Women's = 7 in Men's.

    Note: Some people say the average man has bigger feet than the average woman, but not necessarily. If a man & woman's feet are the same size, the number on the woman's shoe(s) is 1.5 integers greater than on the man's shoe(s); probably because women have longer, slimmer feet than men...proportionately.

  13. Antigravity Room

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    One of my older pictures. Derek, Don, & Dr. Foolish are enjoying themselves inside the antigravity room. Candy is stepping on the control buttons.

  14. Thanks for 900 Hits

    Derek C. Jr. & his friends are at Moonsburg Stadium. Burger's wearing his boxing gloves, Brain's charging himself up to do an electric dive, Sabrina's kicking her left foot toward the camera, & Alice is growing up to become a giantess.

  15. Foreseeing of the Truce

    In the Shametitius episode, Dr. Foolish & the other fellas went to Foodland to save Burger's people from the disease threatening to bring them into extinction. This mini-comic strip shows how the Brass Ladies spent their time in the Weird Gang Clubhouse while the guys were away during those 3 weeks. Devon was left in charge to manage the clubhouse & keep the ladies out of trouble.

    Isn't Sally lucky that she got this fortune in her fortune cookie? Her friends the other Brass Ladies were lucky, too! But how did Burger convince these grudging girls to form a truce with him & the other Hamburger Heavy Metallers? Read the conclusion of "Shametitus" to find out!

  16. Thanks For 7,000 Hits

    It's incredible! My Web site received so many hits last week(the week of July 24 to 30 of 2011), the hit counter read 7,800-something hits! Good words must have gotten around about my cartoons, so I posted this image of Brain & Sabrina Pixie! The swirl of the spectrum covered with stars in the background directs your eyes towards the 7 "thousand" number blocks arranged to form the shape of the figure seven!

  17. Sue & Her Ex-Boyfriend

    This mini-comic strip is based on a classic Trinidadian song. Some of Sue's lines are part of the lyrics! Burger has a point in the final panel; this is one of the common mistakes some girls make in the world of dating. (If you keep telling a guy you're too busy for him, then he'll conclude that you don't want to spend time with him.)

  18. 4th Anniversary

  19. Super Gravity Room

    Alice thought the scale was broken, but actually she's in a room with super gravity; the super gravity made her 50 times heavier than normal!

  20. Sabrina Pixie Used to Hate Halloween So Much

    Sabrina asked Corey the Cloud & Dr. Foolish to help her cancel Halloween during the year 2002, but they said no; you can read their reasons. She even wanted to delete this holiday from history! Since she didn't get to stop Halloween from coming, she curses to the top of her lungs! (I typed the first 2 letters of the expletive to give you a clue to what curse word she screams...)

  21. X-mas X-ray

    Fairies have all sorts of superpowers, besides flight!

  22. Dr. Foolish's Birthday

    From all this information, can you guess which day of the week Dr. Foolish was born? You have 6 guesses! Okay, I'll tell you; it was a Tuesday!

  23. An Artist Never Draws the Exact Same Image Twice!

  24. Jack the Donkey Gets Confused

  25. Question Craziness!

    This is the 200th cartoon in this section! Burger found out it was Candy's birthday & was curious about her age. (By the way, Candy's birthday is May 15th. In this cartoon, Burger is currently 37 years old.) Although she told the truth, Burger didn't believe her immediately since he knows some women lie about their age. (He doesn't trust women as much as he trusts men. Here's a question about him: Isn't it sad that he thinks women aren't as trustworthy as men?) Since Candy started to get irritated about Burger's nosiness as she called it, he decided to stop asking questions to women, swearing upon the laws of logic!

    But in the final scene, he had to ask Susan a question but she didn't exactly answer his question either! Burger is blind about his behavior towards women, as you may have noticed. Anyway, sometimes the only way to find something out is ask someone a question; but you need to ask the right person!

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