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  1. The Origin of Harry Fool

  2. Harry Fool wanted to play an April Fools Day prank on the whole school, but he went too far with it. John told the teacher to tell the principal, then the principal called the bomb squad. Harry found out that John tattled on him, so their friendship ended. Harry ultimately wasn't a good friend if he thought threats were funny. He still deserved to be punished.

    Don't do what Harry Fool did, kids; keep your April Fools Day pranks safe, non-threatening, nice & funny!

  3. Impossible Crate Cartoon

  4. If you design them correctly, you can create solid objects that seem to break the laws of topology when you look at the correct angle! According to Brain's explanation to Goldilocks, the holes you cut must leave the further bars uncovered so when you look at that specific point of view, ta-da! There's the illusion!

  5. Trash Can Man's Aggravating Awakening!

  6. As a trash-eating robot, the other members of the Weird Gang have to step on Trash Can Man's feet to make him open his mouth so they can throw trash away! Maybe he should stay awake more often so the others won't hurt his feet when they have trash for him to eat, plus he can get more sleep!

  7. The Earliest Clubhouse Battles

  8. Thinking is Part of Cartooning

  9. Goldilocks the Reluctant Villainess

  10. What would you do if you were in Goldilocks' shoes?

  11. Sabrina Pixie's Humor Tip

  12. Her tip is very true. Besides, we cartoonists can find humor in any situation! (Even rather grim ones.) Knowledge helps you understand cartoon gags; trust Sabrina Pixie & me.

  13. Anton Wouldn't!

  14. Isn't this bad guy pathetic or what? Anton Wouldn't hates music so much, he doesn't even allow foot tapping! Or musical instruments of any kind! Like Rosie said, he's grouchier than Burger! If this guy appeared before Season 4, he would win the Sourpuss Awards!

  15. Truth Vs. Color

  16. A lot of stuff is paradoxical in logic! Suppose blue was named red & vice versa. Then, the bottom 2 sentences would be true & the top 2 would be false. The text of the corresponding sentences say the exact same thing, but the ones in cursive (the bottom 2) are false because of the colors' names.

  17. Rotten Reunion

  18. When Foodlandians get old, these moldy spots appear all over their faces. It shows how much they aged. This fungal decay makes them unhealthier to eat.

    Cocoa gave Burger 1 too many boy-bashing slams when they reunited in their senior citizenship years! Because of her age, she couldn't get back up after he whacked away her balance stand. Maybe it served her right since she was still the same old boy basher Burger met in kindergarten.

  19. Dottie Doll & the Trick-or-Treater

  20. This is an extra scene I was going to put in the super special comic strip: "Christmas Vs. Halloween", but I excluded it to keep the story going. Dottie Doll's feet must smell really good if she puts flowers between her toes! No wonder ladies love flowers!

  21. Deleted Day

  22. If February had 30 days like the other short months, each year would have 367 days! There would certainly be more space...well, spacetime on the calendar for another holiday!

    Danielle Lipstick was a little disappointed to hear from Quentin Clockwise how the deleted holiday Toezonhand vanished from the year forever. However, its disappearance had a special effect on February 29th(The day before it). February 29th, I think, is the most interesting day of the year; simply because it doesn't come every year!

  23. Hair Pair!

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  24. Buddy the Angel Bug

    Meet Burger's guardian angel - Buddy the Angel Bug. He was going to appear in the deleted episode: "Grief-Burger" to show Burger how the world would be like if he never existed. However, the story of that deleted episode had too much tragedy to be funny. For more details, please see the Deleted History Page in the Story Information Subset of the Extra Section. This character technically didn't cause any narration problems for me, so I made a picture of him to put in this section to show what he looks like.

  25. Video Game Evolution 2

    I remember back in the 8-bit era of video games when game consoles would suddenly stop working unexpectedly, and then show you a screen with scrambled symbols everywhere! (What an unpleasant sight!) To the youngsters of the current era, count your blessings because 8-bit game consoles were occasionally irritating!

  26. A Prickly Joke!

  27. Straptastic Struts!

    Olivia & her cousin Alice are anthropomorphic spiders without any hands. Fortunately, all 16 of their feet (8 per girl) have very talented toes. If you do the math, they have 80 toes altogether! (5 on each foot of course) These 2 handless ladies got tired of having to leave their shoes behind whenever they had to use some of their prehensile feet to carry several objects, so they bought & installed straps for their ballet flat shoes so they'll just hang onto their ankles as they slip their feet out of them to grab something with their toes! Plus, they don't like having to put things into their mouths to carry them around, unless it's food!

  28. The Lipstick Sisters' Cousins

    The names of the cousins of Danielle & Michelle Lipstick were mentioned by their mother Queen Janelle Cosmeticson-Lipstick in the Season 7 episode: "Royal Ladies". To save time, I didn't draw their cousins (or other relatives) in that episode. However, since the cousins decided to join the club, here they are!

  29. Twin Aunts

    What happens when twin sisters get nieces or nephews? They become twin aunts! Michelle thinks it's awesome that she has twin aunts. However, there are slight differences in Annabelle & Isabelle's appearances. Obviously, their hairstyles are different.

  30. Trivial Triskaidekaphobia!

    These 13 Brass Ladies were celebrating & welcoming Danielle & Michelle Lipstick's cousins into the Extraordinares Club when Burger & Onio noticed that there were 13 of them sitting at that table, and warned them about the old superstition about the number 13! Fortunately, Sally figured out a way for them to break the curse of 13 people sitting at a table at the same time! Just have a 14th person sit at the table and then have 2 people get off their seats so they'll be 12 left at the table! Simple mathematics!

  31. Hair Hallucination (Part 1)

    Cinderelle Lipstick has a superpower similar to Rapunzel's! She can change the length of her hair just by thinking. She used her power to play a little trick on Burger, to distract him from her sub sandwich. She heard from the older Brass Ladies that Burger would snatch away their food & force them to go on diets because he thinks they eat too much & that they're fat! Actually, they only look fat from his perspective since he's shorter than they are! See the 2nd part below!

  32. Hair Hallucination (Part 2)

    Cinderelle's special hair is easy to cut & tear. (Hey, that rhymed!) It can also be reattached very easily; the hair strands stick back together like velcro! She tore off the excess of her ponytail, then attached it to the other end to create the illusion seen in Part 1.

  33. Carrot Cake Sake

    Burger's birthday is July 5th; he was born in the year 1974. (America's birthday is just before his! Interesting, isn't it?) Maybe Goldilocks should have just cooked the carrots instead of baking them into a cake, so Burger would eat them! Burger's not big about celebrating his birthday since he's not the cheerful type. Also, he doesn't like to eat.

  34. Hidden Mickey Mouse Symbol of Coconuts

    To make a slight difference from the actual symbol of Mickey Mouse, I made all 3 coconuts the exact same size. The 2 circles that form the ears are smaller than the other circle that forms the rest of the head. (Or aren't they ovals?)

  35. Ladies First...Especially Fast Ones!!!

    If ladies are fast, then they'll definitely get to go first! Goldilocks is superfast when she's wearing her sneakers; she was just right to impress the hasty hamburger-man!

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