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  1. Thanks For 10,500 Hits!

  2. Patience Muffet is the daughter of a farmer. She used the saw to cut the hanalei plants & then put the pieces together to make the text message.

  3. Twin Twist

  4. If you read "Through the Looking Glass" the sequel of "Alice in Wonderland", you should be very familiar with the Tweedle Twins Dee & Dum. They fight sometimes according to the story. In this cartoon short, Tweedle Dum was so upset with Tweedle Dee that he didn't even want to look like him anymore!

  5. Peanut-Butterflies

  6. These mini tricksters pack a great big punch with their springy head butt attack! Derek gives some good advice in the final panel of this comic strip; in fact, it's the moral of the story.

  7. Bonegirl & Toothgirl

  8. Down But Not Out

  9. Aliens Like Farmlands

  10. Goldilocks, Derek C. Jr. & Alice Liddell are about to land their burger saucer in the farmlands of Ohio. I noticed that aliens often land their spaceships in farmlands around cornfields in sci-fi movies. Sometimes, these aliens beam up cattle and dissect them inside their spaceships, but our heroes didn't want to get in trouble. Let's hope Goldilocks is making a good decision!

  11. Kitchen Catastrophe!

  12. As Cinderelle said in the cartoon, she can't shorten her hair by thinking; she can only lengthen it with her thoughts. So it must be cut or torn to make it shorter again. However, this cartoon shows the disadvantage of her superpower: it makes hairy messes! The 6 Lipstick Cousins - Danielle, Michelle, Chantelle, Trishelle, Mandelle & Cinderelle are cleaning up the place as you can see here. But hopefully, in the future, Cinderelle will have better control of her magical hair!

    Additional information about Cinderelle's magical hair: Its maximum length is 150 feet! That's 50 yards!

  13. Burger's Proverb About Pleasing Others

    Burger's right. No matter what you do, you just can't please everyone. Not everyone will like you or your work. Sometimes, some people will like you for a while at least, but then change their minds sometime in the future. What you can do about it is be a likable person; liking you is up to the other person, but if he/she still doesn't like you, the problem is actually his/hers! Finally, you need to like yourself, too.

  14. 8th Anniversary

    As you can see, the theme of this cartoon is flight. Derek Cyannus Jr. & his sister Devon are using propeller helmets to stay in the air. Mr. Eight is riding a hot air balloon for this Website's 8th anniversary.

  15. Lady's Lazy Foot

    Danielle believes that she can wake her foot up by making noise with her saxophone! But she woke up her aunt instead!

    When your foot "falls asleep", you feel uncomfortable tingling on it. But feet aren't the only body parts that "fall asleep". Sometimes, arms or even a whole leg may do the same thing. By the way, this is called Paresthesia and you can look up more information about it.

  16. Nail Knowledge!

    I always thought that women think that their fingernails & toenails are the ugliest parts of their bodies. Derek Cyannus Jr. says in the 5th panel that nails give our appendages more individuality; they make someone's hands & feet unique. Nail polish does make them look ultra-feminine, but even without nail polish, there are some ways to tell whether the foot or hand belongs to a man or a woman; for example, if you look closely, men's feet have "toe beards"(hair on the toes, especially the big one!). Women's feet don't, but their toes are more tapered and their nails are harder & sharper.

  17. Giving & Getting

  18. Why Anton Wouldn't Love Music

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    As the narrator, I agree with Sabrina Pixie that Anton Wouldn't is a pathetic villain. Because of his hatred of music, he self-inflicted his own misfortunes. You should not allow simple things to distract you from important tasks, like driving a car when you're behind the steering wheel.

  19. Burger Feels Old!

    Time isn't the only thing that ages you. Other things that age you are getting bullied, grouchiness, distress & a dangerous lifestyle to mention 4. However, there are also some things that may make you feel young again, although you're only young once.

    Men seem to have more dangerous lifestyles than women and perhaps that's why they age faster, as Burger says in the cartoon. But no matter how long or short your life is, you can still enjoy it!

  20. Hurt or Be Hurt

    Brain & Olivia are correct; bullying itself is like a disease! Sometimes, it gets so serious that the bullied victims consider commiting suicide! Hurt people do hurt other people sometimes to try making themselves feel better, but eventually, that wears off because they realize that they hurt someone else. (Perhaps someone they love) Try talking about why some kids pick on other specific kids & convince them to do more positive actions so they can possibly get along.

  21. Annabelle Lipstick's Story

    Annabelle's husband Dale divorced her for a selfish, chauvinistic reason. He is the unseen villain of the story. At least Danielle & Michelle have more cousins to hang out with from the marriage! The moral of this story is to accept help from whoever wants to help you, no matter what the gender.

  22. Chicken Joke Reference

    All that time, Burger never understood the oldest joke in the book, which is about a chicken crossing a road. After Derek explained the humor to him, then he finally understood it! The thing about jokes is that as they get old, they gradually lose their punch. However, a new joke can sometimes reference an old joke to refresh the humor!

  23. Firegirl's Favorite Day of the Week

  24. Women Vs. Winter

  25. Derek's Cousins Have A Disappointing Day

    Have you ever had a day like what Jerry & Berry are having in this cartoon? If so, don't get too discouraged. The number of visits varies day by day for any place; plus, there's always hope!

  26. Stomp-Resistant Helmets!

    There are 6 size classes of characters in these cartoons: XS(Extra-Small) is the smallest class, S(Small), M(Medium), L(Large), XL(Extra-Large) & XXL(Extra-Extra-Large) is the largest class. Dr. Foolish invented these special helmets for the characters of the XS-sized class so that when larger characters step on them by accident, these rock-hard helmets will protect them from injury caused by the crushing weight!

  27. Gift Joke

    The more stuff you get, the more space you need to keep it all! Archy Ant received a lot of presents, didn't he?

  28. Multitask VI

  29. Burger's Redemption - Part 1: Hamburger Hell

    We get to see Burger's idea of Hell in this cartoon! It's a place where people can never find happiness ever again; that's why it's called Hell. Of course, Heaven is the opposite; it's a paradise & in paradise, there is no sorrow, just eternal happiness!

    Anyway, isn't that scene with the she-demon hilarious? The infinite line of ladies & the she-demon blocked Burger's path to Heaven! An infinite series of ladies followed by a man would NEVER have a man in it because it simply doesn't end! That's the gag of the scene! Infinity is just endless; that's how it works!

    Anyway, Part 2 of this story is just below!

  30. Burger's Redemption - Part 2: Restraint Removal

    Burger found out from Sally that he forgot to remove that restraining order, which forbade the Brass Ladies & their relatives from visiting Burger's home country Foodland, since their war with the Hamburger Heavy Metallers ended in the Season 5 Finale. Turns out that was the last action he needed to do to receive redemption. Of course Burger didn't want any enemies in his home (who does?) but the Brass Ladies always wanted to visit Foodland for the experience, despite their disputes with the Hamburger Heavy Metallers. Now that the restraining order has been removed, it was worth it to form a truce with Burger & the other Hamburger Heavy Metallers!

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