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  1. Thanks For 11,000 Hits!

  2. In slang, K = 1,000, as in the prefix kilo-! Dottie Doll & her duplicates come separately from the additional, magical rainbow fairy wings, which can be attached to their backs. Dottie can't ascend very well, but at least the wings allow her to stay in the air.

  3. Al Dös!

  4. The villain Al Dös payed for his stupid, violent actions by losing all of Derek's trust & friendship. Our hero decided that his former friend was too crazy, stupid & untrustworthy to be friends with, so he unfriended him for good. Despite the number of times Al was forgiven, he kept betraying Derek over & over again. (What an unworthy playmate!) The fight scene in this comic shows when Al betrayed Derek once too many!

    Another moral to this story is have self-control. Discipline is a necessity, too. Al even acted as if he caused no damage! But he did. No matter how angry you get, you must remember that problem-solving is not that simple. You have to approach your problems correctly to solve them. If you do the wrong thing, eventually, you will have to suffer the consequences somehow.

  5. Trishelle the Sleepwalker

  6. Crime-Fighting Crunchiness!

  7. The Hamburger Heavy Metallers & Brass Ladies were so interesting as mortal enemies, but they also make good allies, don't they? Burger will be nicer to the Brass Ladies from this event onward since he has been redeemed! And have you noticed how they called him "your majesty"? Now the ladies are talking to him like a king! Plus, he IS a king!

  8. The Driving Styles of 8 Brass Ladies!

  9. The Female Version of Brain

    This mini-comic strip takes place during the Extraordinares' adventure in Gender Bender Mender Galaxy in the 3rd episode of Season 10. I probably would have included it, but I didn't have this idea yet. Brain wanted to show the Brass Ladies that inverting his sex also raises his body density!

    I learned this fact about brains from a book I read & burrowed from a library. It's called "What's Math Got To Do With It?". Anyway, male brains & female brains have the same amount of cells so both sexes have equal intelligence! However, the cells of male brains are packed less densely, which makes male brains softer & sparser than female brains.

  10. Arguments About Appearance

    Since there are so many characters in the cast of Blueworld Adventures, the probability of any 1 character appearing in a cartoon is very low. (You would have to divide 1 by the total number of characters!) Furthermore, it would take a very long time to draw hundreds & hundreds of characters in 1 single cartoon!

  11. Imagination Can Be Interdimensional!

  12. Glueworld Adventures!

    This mini-comic strip makes fun of the cartoon series' name! (The B is replaced with a G! Get it?) Blue & glue rhyme obviously, too! Just be glad that the surface of your home planet isn't completely sticky!

  13. Pinky's Debut

  14. Pizza & Vampire Joke

  15. How Female Feet Get A's!

    Isn't it interesting how Mary Jane shoes look like the letter A in uppercase if you look at them from the right angles? The shape & design must make them fun to wear! (Too bad they're too girlish for male feet.) Didn't notice immediately? Some Mary Jane shoes have straps that are closer to the toe, or cross at the middle of the foot, so it's easier to notice the uppercase A shape! (The ones worn by Alice, Goldilocks & Chantelle in this cartoon hug the ankle.)

    If you think this fact about feminine shoes is interesting, here's another: High heel shoes are shaped like the number 7 & some shoe soles look like exclamation marks!

  16. Kooky Comments VII

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    This is the sequel to the Numbers Vs. Words Cartoon on Page #11! It's Cartoon #22 of that page. Goldilocks tells Mr. Lowercase T that he & the 3 other letter people could spell hits, which is an anagram of the vulgar S.H. word. Look up the definition for the word anagram; it's a very interesting one, I guarantee it!

  17. Paper Picking

  18. What the Extraordinares Do To Hecklers

    The creature heckling in the 1st 2 panels is called a bubbloon. Bubbloons are a hostile species in the world of my characters; they throw bubbles of their spit at people for the heck of it. (Gross, isn't it?)

    Anyway, don't you think heckling is annoying? It's a very immature, unprofessional thing to do! Not only do hecklers annoy the performers on stage, but also the other members of the audience who are trying to concentrate on the performance. Look at the 3 figures in shadow sitting behind the heckling bubbloon in the 1st 2 panels. See how annoyed they are with the unconsiderate creature? So Derek, Faye & Sabrina kicked him out!

    If you go to the movies & some jerk starts heckling about the movie you're watching, summon the security guards so they'll kick him/her out!

  19. Burger's 42nd Birthday Party!

  20. Advanced Art Techniques

    This is the 1st non-sequitur comic strip I ever made! Comics that have panels which fail to tell a story are called non-sequitur comics. This Latin phrase means: "It does not follow".

    In the 1st panel, I used the intersecting shape technique to draw the big circular petal flower Candy smells. In the 2nd panel, I used the negative space technique to create the star-shaped space on the floor Alice lies down on. In the 3rd panel, I put Kirby dots in Sabrina's spark & used glowing effects to make her look more powerful. In the 4th panel, I used a little bit of 3-point perspective & the tessellation technique for the arrow pattern of the wall; the gravity field makes Maryanne fall towards the right edge of the panel. I especially like how the motion lines at her hair look!

    It pays to practice advanced techniques in anything you like to do!

  21. Sue Changes Her Attitude About the Color Green

    People who dislike the color green may start liking it after they get behind the wheel!

  22. Dinner Disgust!

  23. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes (Cartoon #1)

    This is the 1st cartoon of a mini-saga starring characters that are fictional to the Photonese(The inhabitants of Photonis). This mini-comic is so large that I decided to fix it so you can click on it for a closer look, especially if you can't read the text clearly. I did the same for the other cartoons in this "fictional fictional" character mini-saga.

  24. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes (Cartoon #2)

  25. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes (Cartoon #3)

  26. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes (Cartoon #4)

  27. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes Signing Autographs

    I decided that the table Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes stand on in this picture shall be transparent so Devon's feet wouldn't be hidden & we can see her wear her new sandals! Derek & Devon are hosting the event & allowing the citizens of Moonsburg to meet Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes in person to get their autographs. Lady is writing her name in Dottie Doll's book with her feet; Dottie is impressed with how Lady contorts her body & still writes neatly even though her head is below the book! Because of his size, Pixelman has to carry an average-sized pen like a cane! David Pressed is the character closest to the viewer & waiting his turn; all we can see is his head!

  28. The Lipstick Sisters Cousins' Special Powers

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