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  1. Sally's Not So Good Idea

  2. If you seen the 23rd episode of Season 3: "Lil' Stevie's 8th Birthday", you should recognize the scene in this mini-comic! Sally's hunger made her temporarily insane; so insane that she thought she could give Stevie a haircut & satisfy her hunger at the same time by eating his hair! Extreme hunger can give people temporary insanity! Wild animals may resort to eating their friends, especially if they're carnivores! So remember to feed your meat-eating pets regularly. Not only can you save them from starvation, but also yourself from getting eaten by them!

  3. Multidimensional Meeting

  4. This cartoon shows the exact moment when the video game hero & heroine meet Candy & Dorothy. Coincidentally, they wished that they had some friends, whether they're from their own dimension or not. The hostile program bugs are the dominant species in that video game dimension & they don't want to share it with anyone who's not a program bug! The interdimensional trip was worth it, wasn't it, folks?

  5. Funny Food Fairies

  6. Molly Pixie kind of sounds like Burger Meat Food the nutritionist in this mini-comic strip! Goldilocks was a little offended by Molly's criticism about her cooking, but Sabrina Cecilia Pixie has a point: you have to eat something! Some foods have more nutrition than others, but even a small amount of nutrition is also good.

  7. 9th Anniversary

  8. Queen Nine of the Number People of Kit Kat Land is using her magic royal wand to open the treasure chest. Inside are pentagonal rainbow gems & octagonal emeralds, which are valuables used in space & interdimensional travel. As you can see, the main theme chosen for this anniversary cartoon is water!

  9. Superb Size Limits

  10. Dale Polish

  11. Discophobia

  12. Humor Is Still Relative!

  13. This is a very important fact for comedians to know!

    Another fact I know about jokes is that no matter what kind of joke you make up, it'll eventually upset someone someday. Some people take things too personally, not to mention that they have terrible senses of humor.

    I once met someone who actually used his jokes to insult people! This is a humor tip he could have learned from me if only he wasn't so ignorant...

  14. Locked Lavatory

  15. Using a public bathroom in the wrong gender can get you in big trouble, kids! Don't do what Goldilocks did in this cartoon, although Derek & Jerry let her off easy because they knew her. Sometimes, janitors temporarily close public bathrooms to clean them. They can't allow the bathrooms to be used while they're cleaning them; it's a potential invasion of privacy! Most buildings have bathrooms on every floor, so if your gender-specific bathroom is closed because of the janitor, use the other one on the next floor!

  16. Trigonometry Trouble

  17. Chantelle Lipstick visited the math section of this Website for some trigonometry tips! I hope my math tricks & tips help you with your math homework, too!

  18. Wicked Whiners!

  19. Villains get worse treatment than heroes because...well, villains do evil actions, like the narrator said! If you want glory, do good things, not bad things.

  20. The Yearly Holiday Loop

  21. Only the most famous, worldly-known holidays were included in this cartoon's circle. I wanted to save time by excluding plenty of them, but you know when those holidays occur in the year, right?

  22. Video Game Evolution 3

  23. To the Bottom Back to Top

  24. Computers Vs. Typewriters!

  25. After the early 1990's, typewriters disappeared from office supply stores. Computers made them obsolete since computers have delete buttons to fix spelling & grammar mistakes, and then printers were invented! Now you can proofread what you type before you print it out on paper!

    It must have been really frustrating to correct spelling & grammar mistakes with typewriters! Paper would go to waste; plus that kills more trees! Microsoft Word is a kind of software designed to find such mistakes in your typing, but beware because there are some mistakes that Microsoft Word doesn't see...

  26. Number 7 or High Heel Shoe Illusion (Part 1)

    Depending on your point of view, the red shape in Figure C could either be a seven or a high heel shoe. Draw a lady's foot (or entire leg) onto the shape & it becomes a high heel shoe! You could also draw an insole or a strap on it to turn it into a shoe. Actually, from specific angles, a high heel shoe could also look like the number 2; but with the insole showing, you know that it's a shoe!

  27. Number 7 or High Heel Shoe Illusion (Part 2)

    School Box Man AKA Yorkie Marker argues with his friend Blackie Tar the Blob about Figure C in the 1st part of this 3-parter mini-comic. Yorkie quickly gets tired of arguing with someone & when he does, he simply says "Whatever!" to stop the argument!

  28. Number 7 or High Heel Shoe Illusion (Part 3)

    Originally, the female character in this picture was going to be named Lady Fingers due to how she likes to grab things a lot, then I thought Fingersandtoes would make a more interesting, creative surname, since she grabs things with her toes much more often than the average human. I simply combined these 3 words: fingers; and; toes in that order to form her finally-decided surname. Plus, the pun still works!

    Yorkie Marker is now starting to think that maybe the red shape in Figure C was a seven. Ambiguity is when something can be seen in more than 1 way.

  29. Bitter Attitude, Sweet Taste!

    Just in case you're wondering, the evil cupcake man's flavor is blueberry!

  30. What Blue Is Derek C. Jr.?

  31. Dashing Danielle & Desperate Derek

    Derek & Danielle are on a rocky moon in Cluster Clash Galaxy in this cartoon. They were both on a space mission to find a pentagonal rainbow gem, but Danielle got it first. When she gets these gems first, she likes to play chase games with her friends who are on the same mission; however, if she gets caught, she always agrees to hand over the prize. She does this because she wants the credit. (Also, she's a little playful & mischievous for a sexy lady!)

  32. David Pressed & the Wet Dream

    David Pressed has a special but non-physical power: when he dreams about other people, they have visions about him; in other words, they see his dreams & what he dreams of them doing! But only when he's asleep. It's like a type of mental link! David was so aroused about what Danielle, Michelle, Tina & Alice did in his dream that it became wet & woke him up! How embarrassing! His pajamas & underwear got wet!

    A wet dream is something that happens to boys during puberty. Having David's dream cloud rain down on him was a decent way of showing such an embarrassing event in a cartoon. By the way, the girls were stomping on millions of ringworms in his dream!

  33. Bride & Groom Joke!

    It's an old wedding tradition: the groom carries the bride in his arms, into their new house right after getting married. But what if the bride is too heavy for the groom? (Or the groom is too physically weak to carry her in his arms?) I suggest that she rides in a trolley instead, like what Danielle did in this cartoon! Machines were invented to make work easier to do; remember that!

  34. The Alternative Name of the Cartoon Series

    Which alternative name for this cartoon series do you like the best? I thought of another one: "The Extraordinares' Weird Adventures"! (Maybe that'll be the name of the TV series if my cartoons make it to television.)

  35. Stalagmites & Stalactites

  36. Bricks!

    This is the 400th cartoon of this section! One of my older pictures, that was missing from this Website all this time & I didn't know! (How embarrassing!) At least I posted it at Anyway, Derek, Brain, Sabrina & Rosie are busting these fragile brick blocks to collect pie coins. They're having a contest to see who can collect the most!

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