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  1. Surname Similarity

  2. Atom Ant is a classic cartoon character owned by Hanna-Barbera. Archy Ant just happens to share that character's surname but they're not related.

  3. Vehicle Vision

  4. Those cones can also represent Tonka's headlights in darkness! In fact, his eyes grow in the dark!

  5. Chantelle's Easter Eggs!

  6. You wouldn't want a monstrous creature to hatch out of an egg you collected!

  7. Patience Holding Puzzle Pieces Between Her Toes

    You can also see this image in the answer to the puzzle titled: "Match the Broken Images With the Originals".

  8. Rotten Bananas at Danielle's Feet!

    You can also see this image in the answer to the puzzle titled: "Danielle Lipstick's Banana Sequence Game" & in the commentary for "Banana Bash 2" & "Danielle's Prehensile Foot Dance".

  9. Rain Vs. Sunshine

  10. Pencils Vs. Computer Graphics

    I thought I could try comparing a pencil drawing with a pure computer graphics drawing of 1 of my characters. I picked Archy Ant since he's 1 of the easier characters to draw!

  11. Burger's Heart Vs. Drake's Heart

    Plenty of viewers who were lucky enough to see my rough drafts judged Burger pretty harshly because of his actions about his woman trouble. I didn't want him to be that detestable, so I simmered him down from my earliest rough drafts to make him a redeemable antihero.

    Drake the Tyrannosaurus on the other hand is a full-pledged, misogynistic villain. He does much darker actions about his frustration with the female sex. At least Burger wants equality & fairness between the 2 sexes; compared to Drake, Burger is the nicer character!

  12. Refrigerator Room

    The 1st panel of this mini-comic strip is from the full-length comic strip episode entitled "Mischief of the 50-Foot Fairy". It's Season 4, Episode 8.

  13. 6 of Lady Fingersandtoes' Outfits!

  14. Love Triangles Sting!

  15. First for First Place: The Flashback

    Since the text in the word balloons in Panel #2 is hard to read, you can click on this image for a closer view.

  16. Kooky Comments VIII

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  17. Thanks for 214,600 Hits!

    Principal character Derek C. Jr. stands in front of Dr. John Von Foolish, bowing, to prevent the picture from looking too empty.

  18. Derek's Orchestra

    One of my older pictures. Principal character Derek C. Jr. is the maestro of this orchestra! By the way, they're playing samba music!

  19. Female Chorus

    Another one of my older pictures. The 6 Annie Sisters AKA Squashington Sextuplets are singing & wearing their favorite colors. Sometimes, all 6 girls wear red, which is Annie's favorite color; however, Annie always wears red! Guess which one is Annie! Derek C. Jr. is the maestro in this picture, too, and he wears his dark blue tuxedo; his pose is exactly the same as in the previous picture!

  20. Blueness Is Not Sadness!

  21. Misfortune Cookie!

  22. Pixelman Paint Power

    Note: Black is the only color that doesn't give Pixelman a special power because that is his original color.

  23. Cosmic Goo!

    That Class-M term is in reference to Star Trek™. Planets in that class are described to be Earth-like, able to support life.

  24. Tug-O-War

    One of my older pictures. It's Graham Cracker the Gingerbread Man Vs. Sally B. Martin, Candy Stripes & Sue A. Martin (from left to right respectively) in a tug-o-war! The loser(s) fall(s) into the lava! 3 against 1 may not be fair, but Graham is a little bit stronger than he looks.

  25. Technique Teaching

    Bonus Fact: In Spanish, toes are called dedos del pies, which literally means "fingers of the feet"!

  26. Colorful Calendar!

    Since there are 7 days in a week & 7 main colors of the rainbow, a color can be used to represent each weekday! In Derek's right hand is a bucket of magic paint used to color the calendar. The month of this calendar is any long month of the year (that has 31 days total) & no specific year number; however, the 1st day of this month is a Sunday!

  27. Power Pepper Potential

    Pyrokinesis is the ability to create or manipulate fire. There are several different types of power peppers to charge up the characters' superpowers! Even a seed can raise their potential!

  28. Never Assume

    Burger is right. You should never assume that what you think is true. Investigate for the truth first, and then decide what is correct & what is incorrect. Assumptions lead to more mistakes!

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