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  1. 10th Anniversary!

  2. The number person in the 1st panel is one of Ms. One's sisters - Ms. Ten Digit.

    The number people of Kit Kat Land on the planet Photonis can have up to 3 digits; Ms. Ten has 2 digits of course. They can come in all sorts of skin colors & numeral shapes, depending on their parents. For example, if a blue-skinned number person marries a red-skinned number person, then their children will have red, blue or purple-colored skin. (Any color in-between) If their numbers are different, then their children will be born in random numeral shapes! (It's pretty complicated how it works...)

  3. Zoe Badloose

  4. Not only can you learn from your own students, but you can learn from anyone, even your enemies! (If you have any) Some teachers treat their students this terrible way. Zoe Badloose is way too business-like with her students. Because of her bad attitude, she misses out on learning valuable lessons from her own students.

  5. Go Fish Funnies

  6. Initially, Queen Janelle Lipstick's dialogue said that she was the Queen of South Sanka. That was a mistake because according to the "Royal Ladies" episode, she's actually the Queen of North Sanka! So I fixed it. (Remember to keep everything accurate about your characters & the world(s) they live in, folks, if you want to be a good narrator!)

  7. Thanks For 214,800 Hits!

  8. In case you haven't seen his very 1st appearance, Anton Wouldn't is the music-hating villain who is getting arrested in this cartoon. He attacked the principal character during his 1st appearance with a knife, but Derek's friends came to the rescue & used their superpowers to toss the brute out. Anton returned to the Moonsburg Concert Hall to cause more trouble. As you can see here, the police caught him in the act this time, so he's finally going to jail!

  9. Pepper-Clouding

  10. Burger reveals that his species never uses a toilet & why not. The peppery clouds of Foodlandian excrement always dissolve away in the air & never make a mess! Sometimes, Foodlandians can use this pepper-clouding body mechanism as a little self-defense to make predators sneeze!

  11. Goldilocks' Cup of Justice

  12. The episode can be found in the Full-Length Comic Strips Section! See the Episode List for more details.

    Shirley Locks is the name of Goldilocks' deadly mother. There are 2 episodes named after the villainess. The 2nd one was mentioned in the cartoon.

  13. Ned Target the Fearful

  14. Bully & Sly Darknessense

  15. These 2 villains are the same characters that appeared in the old cartoon image: "Crayonman & Company"; this mini-comic is about why they're villains. If you're wondering what they felt insecure about, it's because they're sterile(unable to produce their own children). A strange disease took away their ability to reproduce. They took the heartbreaking event so hard that they didn't want other people to have children either, if they couldn't have their own biologically. Their envy hardened their hearts into genocidal villains.

  16. Feline Feast!

  17. You can be a carnivore & still value life! This cartoon shows how!

  18. Kooky Comments IX

  19. Burger's Meter of Misandry

  20. Sue's Meter of Misogyny

  21. Burger the Role Mole!

  22. To the Bottom Back to Top

    The vice principal character Burger Meat Food hated his role in these cartoons until the principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. cheers him up with his words of advice!

  23. Lady Fingersandtoes' Sleeping Feet!

  24. Pudgy Plugs

  25. Those pudgy box plugs must be plugged wisely into sockets, so that they don't block other sockets that could be used.

  26. Wilbur's Vasilopoulaphobia

  27. You heard of princesses who are afraid of frogs, right? Well this frog named Wilbur is afraid of princesses! As you may have already figured out, vasilopoulaphobia is the fear of princesses.

    Danielle Lipstick is 1 of the 2 princesses of North Sanka. In "Through the Looking Glass" - the sequel of "Alice in Wonderland", Alice P. Liddell became a queen.

  28. Everybody's A Critic!

  29. Unfortunately, criticism is part of human nature. For some reason or another, every person criticizes another person especially if the criticized one is extraordinary or an open-minded thinker. However, criticism does not have to be disrespectful; if you question another's actions, then please do it constructively.

  30. The 7 Actions Burger Needed To Do To Receive His Redemption Badges

  31. You can see the mini-comic 2-parter: "Burger's Redemption" on Page #14 in this section. Both parts are at the bottom of that page!

  32. Patrick Pixelman

  33. Kooshy the Fallen Hero

  34. A villain that used to be a hero is called a fallen hero. The formerly good Kooshy turned to the Dark Side just because women started wearing pants! (Stupid reason, isn't it, ladies?) However, at least some pants look feminine; especially ones with hearts, drawings of flowers, floral patterns, & feminine-looking color schemes. It's better to grow accustomed to change than whine about it.

  35. It Matters How You Use Someone's Name

  36. I used grawlixes to censor Zoe Badloose's foul mouth when she misused God's name, because even as the cartoonist, I wanted to make sure that I don't print(and therefore use) God's name in vain. Grawlixes are the name of those random symbols that are used to censor vulgar language & cursing in comic strips. Derek points his finger at God's name in the 2nd panel, plus it's in bold letters. Misusing God's name coincides with cursing, by the way.

    Remember that if you say the names of others, do it with respect; use others' names to greet them or call them if you need their attention; don't excessively yell out their names for them to hear because it's extremely disruptive & annoying! Even children get mad at their own parents when the parents yell out their names like that!

  37. Freedom's Requirement

  38. Dr. Foolish's "Do Not Murder" Shirt

  39. Sand & Snow

  40. Kastanophobia

  41. Perhaps the fear mentioned in this cartoon is the root of racism, specifically against Black people. I, the creator of this cartoon series, watch another cartoon series that have human characters with various skin colors! Their skin colors are green, blue, indigo, purple, yellow, orange & several more colors; plus, most of them get along just fine! And have you noticed that Mindy Hindergarten's skin is carnation pink?

    The 1st panel has a little joke about the TV rating system! After Mindy complains about how violent these cartoons are sometimes, Derek C. Jr. points at the rating of this cartoon series. (It's rated "TV-Y7 for Fantasy Violence")

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