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  1. Snowmouse

  2. This is an improved version of 1 of my rough draft images. The rough draft version had a different background that I decided not to use in the public, masterpiece version right here.

    The 4 characters in this image are Mack Ah'roni the Mouse(the one looking away from the viewer), Mouse-Bill, who is jumping & just put on 1 of the snowmouse's ears, Spidy Arachnid & Olivia Spider the female. (Remember that females have longer, showier eyelashes than males!) Olivia is holding the 2nd ear of the snowmouse between her 2 front feet; it kind of makes that pair of boots look like fingerless gloves! Aren't her yellow winter boots cute?

  3. How Sally's Feet Got Large

  4. Sally Brittany Martin is a ballerina & ballerinas tend to have larger feet due to the amount of dancing they do. The average woman's feet are larger these days, too, since healthcare & nutrition have improved. I figured Sally should be barefoot in this cartoon so you could see her shoe size drawn to scale; besides, speaking of shoes, the shoe has to be slightly larger than the foot for the foot to fit inside the shoe!

  5. An Angry Birds Parody

  6. Can you see why this cartoon is a parody of the Angry Birds™? The goblinoids catcalled the Brass Ladies; the 4 seen in this cartoon are Danielle Lipstick, Chantelle Lipstick, Patience Muffet & Michelle Lipstick. Michelle is the one who was slung into the goblinoids' unfinished building. Her kick of momentum & invincibility caused the structure to tumble down onto the catcalling goblinoids. She took a bite of the super spinach leaf in Chantelle's hand to become invincible. Guess the goblinoids should have kept their mouths shut instead of catcalling!

    Speaking of catcalling, fellas, don't bother talking to any pretty ladies you see in the streets, especially if they don't know you. (And of course, vice versa is true.) Ladies NEVER date strangers!

  7. Humanity Badges

  8. Thanks For 216,000 Hits!

  9. Video Game Evolution 4

  10. Want a closer look of the video game Lady Fingersandtoes is playing? Click on T.V. Man's screen! Candy Stripes comments how she looks in this 16-bit video game. By the way, the video game is called: "Bumping & Stomping!"

  11. Gene Team

  12. Glyph is the name of the species that the number people & letter people are in. Their scientific name is Homo hieroglyphicus. If a number person & letter person breed, then their offspring will represent any alphanumeric symbol! There are also beings in these cartoons that represent punctuation marks! (For example, the publicrons of the Graph Dimension represent exclamation points.)

  13. Mr. Chivalry

  14. Do you remember the imaginary friends you had as children, folks? Well Burger had an imaginary enemy! It would be worse if Mr. Chivalry was real, besides, a real enemy is worse than an imaginary friend!

  15. Be Careful What You Vote For

  16. Thanks For 217,100 Hits!

  17. Maryanne Maidenson went to the chilly top of Mount Toenail to write this message with her feet! This is the 1st time she has worn her winter outfit in a cartoon!

  18. Wilbur the Frog Dressed as a Rapper!

  19. To the Bottom Back to Top

    Kermit the Frog doesn't seem to have trouble pleasing the ladies, unlike Wilbur Tadpolar here!

  20. Red, Yellow & Blue

  21. A Walking T.V. Set

  22. A walking T.V. box is convenient, but just in case, Dr. John Von Foolish - the club's founder - bought several T.V. sets!

  23. Lipstickiness!

  24. Burger Has No Toppings!

  25. I didn't want my Burger character to look too delicious! He's a bland-looking hamburger-person. When he sweats, sesame seeds pour out of his forehead, which is the top bun.

  26. Burger the Nutritionist(Part 1)

  27. Burger the Nutritionist(Part 2)

  28. Race Vs. Morality NEW IMAGE!

  29. The White heroes I picked to appear in this cartoon are Dr. John Von Foolish & Candy Mississippi Stripes; the White villains I picked to appear in this cartoon are Harry Fool & Dr. Wanda Wicked; the Black heroes I picked to appear in this cartoon are Penny Pincher the Sales Fairy & Devon Cyannus Jr.; the Black villains I picked to appear in this cartoon are Bubblepuss AKA Brutus Blubberly & Anton Wouldn't AKA Anton Woulden.

    Notice how the villains have evil smiles on their faces! (Except Anton Wouldn't, who is frowning) You can see the wickedness in villains' faces if you look very closely!

  30. Fingernail Funny NEW IMAGE!

  31. Distance Determination NEW IMAGE!

  32. Surely a math genius can easily figure this out! Otherwise, you can just use a calculator!

  33. Bikey's Upgrade! NEW IMAGE!

  34. If you seen the episode entitled "Hilary's Bad Day", you should recognize this character; that episode's story happened before his upgrade.

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