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  1. Burger's Coin Trick Revisited

  2. Conjunction Tautology

  3. In conjunctions, the order of the 2 inputs doesn't matter; whichever input that's to the left or right of the ampersand(&; or the word "and"), it's logically the same, equivalent statement!

  4. Santa's Wife Substitutes Him!

  5. The talking magenta Christmas tree is named Candy Tree due to his pines being made of cotton candy. This unique plant of a character has appeared in a few of my older cartoon images, such you may have already seen or not. He often stutters as he talks, just like Porky Pig from Looney Tunes!

  6. Let There Be Sexiness!

  7. A non sequitor mini-comic strip of my female characters doing sexy actions or wearing sexy clothing! In the 1st panel, Olivia Spider rubs & massages her boyfriend Spidy Arachind's back with her front feet. In the 2nd panel, she put her left front foot onto his right hand as they touch the box. Lady Fingersandtoes stomps green & purple grapes for fun in the 3rd panel, wearing high heel clash! (A pump on her right foot & a boot on the left!) Cinderelle Lipstick shakes her prehensile foot, gripping 1 of her bedroom slippers between her toes in the 4th panel. (She can mop with her slippers, too!) The 5th panel shows Chantelle Lipstick petting Patrick Pixelman's head; she's the only female character who isn't doing a foot-related action in this comic strip, but at least she's wearing a sexy bikini! In the final panel, Sally B. Martin stands on her right foot in a dancing pose, holding a sign with the toes of her left foot that says: "Let There Be Sexiness!"

  8. Sharing With the Right People

  9. Derek C. Jr. decided that his former friend Gary was an unworthy playmate who was too covetous, uncooperative...well, Derek mentions all the reasons why in the cartoon as he talks to him! Gary is a muppetoid, too, just like Derek; they're in the same species. The moral of this cartoon is to be careful about who you share your stuff with; also, don't covet or ruin your friend's property.

  10. Web Browser Wackiness!

  11. Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes Get the Chickenpox

  12. A well-known fact about Chickenpox is that once you get this disease, you will never get it again because your immune system learns how to fight off the germs that cause it! It's best that you get it while you're young.

    There's a little joke in Pixelman's dialogue: Lady Fingersandtoes is holding the medicine tube, but with her foot instead of her hand! Get it?

  13. Both Genders Are Equally Important

  14. Also, God's 5th commandment says: "Honor your mother and father", not just 1 parent. It's a little clue that both genders are necessary for reproduction.

  15. Let There Be More Sexiness!

  16. A sequel to that non sequitor mini-comic strip entitled: "Let There Be Sexiness!", which can also be seen on this Web Page! In the 1st panel, Chantelle Amber Lipstick puts on her anklets & bracelets, using her right foot as a hand to pull on her left anklet! In the 2nd panel, Danielle Stephanie Lipstick shakes 4 maracases simultaneously, 1 in each hand & foot! In the 3rd panel, Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) & Patience Muffet compete to see who can get more attention from male viewers. Goldie is wearing her jungle outfit & Patience is wearing her party outfit. In the 4th & final panel, Sally Brittany Martin(of the Photonese Martins) makes a cameo in a poster in Penny Pincher's room; it's the exact same image from the ending of the prequel! Penny stands on her money in thong sandals to add a little more sexiness to the cartoon!

  17. Thanks For 219,000 Hits!

  18. Chase Success, Not Other People

  19. Sometimes, chasing other people leads to disappointment, whether they're your friends or not. Chasing success instead will guarantee you more happiness! Alice Pleasance Liddell(The Alice of "Alice in Wonderland") decided to quit chasing the White Rabbit & chase success to become happier. However, the 2 characters are still friends.

  20. Proverb About Truth

  21. This immobile robot controls some things in Dr. Foolish's lab. Steelie the Lab Machine has plenty of special powers to help maintain the lab & activate the force field around the Weird Gang's clubhouse. 1 noticeable ability this computer has is lie detection. His proverb about truth has a point!

  22. Burger's Shouting Quote!

  23. To the Bottom Back to Top

    When stupid people refuse to think again, the frustration does make smarter people want to shout at them! That's the joke to Burger's quote! Although, Sue isn't so stupid, Burger is smarter than she is...most of the time.

  24. A Dating Strike

  25. This message of this cartoon is that if you expect your long-term relationships to last, be romantic. A lack of romance can make such relationships go wrong & come to an end. With so many unromantic mindsets in the dating world these days, guys are going on strike. So if girls want more guys to date, they have to develop more romantic mindsets.

  26. Sea of Unhappiness

  27. I recycled part of an older cartoon image to make this one. Sitting from left to right respectively are Mouse-bill, Onio Vegetable & Craig "Kickball" Spheres.

  28. Boot Beer

  29. The name of this odor-eliminating, germ-killing liquid is a spoof off of Root Beer! It's like a liquid version of Dr. Scholl's® Odor Eaters!

  30. Derek C. Jr. Hitting Pueblo With A Hammer

  31. Calvin Hitting Drake With His Club

  32. Vitamin Alphabetization

  33. Vitamin G7 is the fictional vitamin in Fast-Grow Potion. It makes characters gigantic for a brief period of time!

  34. Brain & the Gastronauts' Origin

  35. Brain forgot to mention this in the cartoon, but only the brain gastronauts have wings.

  36. Onio Meets Lady Fingersandtoes!

  37. It's a fact that some ladies actually have the word lady as their first name!

  38. Ippy Marker Paints the City Green

  39. I decided to put this image from the greeting card in this section to fill it up faster. Ippy Marker is painting a city with his tongue to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! (It's a toy-sized version of a city by the way)

  40. Weight Vs. Strength 2: Danielle & David

  41. The gravity of Blueworld AKA Photonis is only 1/3 of Earth's; weaker gravity makes bigger things easier to lift since they'd weigh less.

    Danielle weighs 140 Earth pounds, but David weighs only 101 Earth pounds, plus Danielle is strong enough to lift up his weight on Photonis!

  42. The Paradox of Relationships!

  43. On the left half of the image is Sue Amy Martin(of the Photonese Martins) & on the right is her ex-boyfriend Buck Hastee. Buck has now appeared in enough of my cartoons to count as a recurring character!

  44. Oak Trees Tell the Seasons

  45. This is the 500th cartoon of this section!

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