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  1. Caravan's Bad Luck

  2. Burger's Data Disaster!

  3. Kooky Comments X

  4. Thanks For 220,000 Hits!

  5. I originally wanted to make an animation to celebrate my Website receiving 220,000 hits; my animated idea was very 3-dimensional, but unfortunately, Adobe Flash can only think in 2 spatial dimensions. So I ended up making this motionless cartoon instead. The painted symbols are in 2-point perspective! Looks interesting enough, doesn't it?

  6. Video Game Evolution 5

  7. The 4th Pixelman game was the 1st 16-bit video game of the Pixelman Series - a video game series that my characters play in their world. At the end of this 4th game of the "fictional fictional" video game series, Lady Fingersandtoes tramples the 2 monarchs of the Program Bugs - King Crash(wearing the golden crown) & Queen Deleta(wearing the platinum crown); she tortures the defeated, evil duo with her weight! If they want mercy, then they have to guess exactly how much she weighs! (By the way, Lady Fingersandtoes weighs 144 Earth pounds.) Also, notice that she's wearing rock sandals!

  8. Summer Bummer

  9. Angry Answer!

  10. Maybe it would have been better for the teacher to ask about Buck's problem before rescinding the cookies she gave him!

  11. 12th Anniversary

  12. I made my 12th anniversary cartoon 1 month early!

  13. Burger & Buck Rename February 14th

  14. Since traditionalism disappeared, it has gotten more difficult to find romance in the dating market since the 1990's. Long-story-short why is because of unromantic ideologies that some teachers are indoctrinating their students with! (Not to mention attitudes) So Good Luck, viewers, if you're trying to get a sweetheart!

  15. Attraction Advice

  16. Joe Monkey's Middle Name

  17. Royalty & Relation

  18. The 3 Basic Groups of Jerks in School

  19. To the Bottom Back to Top

  20. Derek C. Jr. Wearing a Viking Hat

  21. A pencil drawing of my principal character wearing a special hat that I decided to use as a symbol to represent myself!

  22. Weekend Work

  23. Normally, Saturdays & Sundays are supposed to be days when people don't have to work, but perhaps there are some exceptions... Besides, some people work at grocery stores(Well, stores, period) during the weekends because customers may need to do a little bit of shopping during the weekends. Anyway, you do need to get rest from work every now & then; even God encourages us to take vacations when needed! (Hence, the 4th Commandment: "Remember the Sabbath")

  24. Powerful Pearls

  25. According to the penultimate panel, Zelda Mermaidus likes having feet! She playfully wiggles her toes! Merpeople have fins instead of legs & feet since they're aquatic, being half-fish, half-human.

  26. Thumbnail Fact

  27. To summarize Lady Fingersandtoes' discovery, hand thumbnails & foot thumbnails are perpendicular to each other, meaning that they would intersect at right (90-degree) angles!

  28. 2 Mouths Are Weirder Than 1

  29. Brain's Photographic Memory

  30. Don Demonvark's Diet Or When Burger & Don 1st Met

  31. Radical Reflection

  32. Mirror reflections can also be upside-down! Furthermore, if a floor that you're standing on was a mirror, then up becomes down & down becomes up in Mirrorland!

  33. Vocabulary Vs. Vulgarity

  34. Note: The blurred curse word in the 2nd panel is also used as a verb; as a verb, it means to speak or do nonsense to someone.

  35. Chantelle = Shantelle

  36. Some names are similar to each other! Here are some examples: Derek is similar to Dirk; Sarah is similar to Sally; Jane is similar to Janette; Bill is similar to William; Alice is similar to Allison; Chuck is similar to Charles.

  37. Thanks For 220,350 Hits!

  38. Dottie Doll's Explanation About Appendages

  39. You can also see this image in the commentary about the epic animation entitled: "Archy's Podophobia" or "I'll Be A Monkey's Aunt". (That animation has 2 names!)

    Dottie Doll explains the size difference between human feet & hands. Another fact about hands & feet that Dottie didn't mention: The foot thumb is thicker than the hand thumb!

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