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  1. Chess

  2. One of my older pictures, that was missing from this section of the Website all this time & I didn't know! (How embarrassing!) At least I posted it at As you can see, Candy Stripes & her cousin Fudge are playing Chess with their feet! Fudge is the black-haired one, holding the white pawn between her toes.

  3. Chess 2: Candy & Fudge Alternate Piece Colors

  4. This time, Candy plays the white Chess pieces & Fudge plays the black Chess pieces! Unlike the 1st game, none of the black pieces have been moved yet. Candy decides to move the pawn between her toes 2 spaces ahead. (Pawns can legally move 2 spaces ahead on their 1st move only) Also, the chessboard has been rotated 90 degrees from the 1st image.

  5. Human Hamburger

  6. The Ease of Making Enemies

  7. This is the kind of attitude idiots have about learning! And that's how they make enemies so easily!

  8. Human Hamburger 2

  9. Mouth Measurement

  10. The ruler that Sabrina's holding is a foot(12 inches) long by the way. And of course she's looking in a mirror that's taking up the whole image!

  11. Liberty Vs. Lockdown

  12. I capitalized the pronoun her because I'm referring to the Statue of Liberty. Liberty is another word for freedom, but during the pandemic of the year 2020, businesses all over the U.S. were forced to shut down their stores, restaurants & so on; however, only grocery stores remained open so people could get food & other important supplies for their homes. Americans had to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which created such a great big kerfuffle!

  13. Lovely Laces

  14. Video Game Evolution 6

  15. The 2 little characters riding the sliding soap blocks in the video game are Archy Ant(the red one) & his cousin Bozo Beetle. Sally B. Martin also starred in the game as a supporting character. Archy & Bozo are the 2 main playable characters of this video game idea I had a long time ago. Sally's cousin Sue is about to play it!

  16. Cleanliness is Relative!

  17. As a contortionist, Lady Fingersandtoes often has her hands & feet switch roles! In other words, she'll sometimes walk on her hands & grab things with her feet! In this cartoon, she walked to the table on her hands, skillfully landed her butt onto the seat to keep her clean, washed feet off of the floor & then grabbed a slice of the pizza with her toes! Alice & Rosie watch Lady in shock!

  18. Calculus Cartoon

  19. This cartoon starring Brain is based on the "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" Rule.

  20. Microscope Goggles

  21. Each of these viruses has 4 eyes & they're all closed due to the viruses' crying in agony! Maryanne had to kill them to clean the table; she's a maid. Dirty things have bunches of germs on them, which potentially make us sick.

  22. Social Distancing Before the Coronavirus Pandemic

  23. To the Bottom Back to Top

  24. Detecting the Invisible

  25. Nails or No Nails

  26. Derek C. Jr.'s Sassy Quote To Gary Ray!

  27. This Gary Ray character is the same character that appeared in the pocket joke cartoon entitled: "Sharing With the Right People". Like Derek's red, other false friend Al Dös, Gary is over-competitive, uncooperative, egocentric, a bit ignorant & hypocritical, making him a lousy playmate. But at least Gary is smarter than Al; however, still kind of stupid...too stupid to be a true friend to the principal character! Gary's detestable enough to be a villain, too!

    There's a little pun in his name, too! (If you just put his 1st initial after his surname, it spells G. Ray in reference to his fur color!) Also, notice that the name Gary is an anagram to gray.

  28. 2 Genders, 3 Choices

  29. The odds of happiness in those 3 gender-related choices are in your favor 2:1!

  30. Pressing Prankster

  31. Chantelle & Trishelle have a friendly sibling rivalry! They prank each other every now & then! The brush in Trishelle's hand tells you that the girls brushed their hair, which is why they're in the bathroom together.

  32. Eyeballistic!

  33. Imagine if our 2 eyes per face were arranged vertically instead of horizontally. That would look wacky, too, wouldn't it? The eyes are the focal point of the face! In fact, men think that a woman's eyes are the sexiest parts of her body!

    I decided to only go up to 6 with the number of eyes.

  34. Which Foot Is Drawing Which?

  35. This cartoon is a parody of M.C. Escher's Drawing Hands lithograph. In that picture, each hand is drawing the other hand's sleeve; the funny thing about it is that both drawing hands are in the exact same canvas! Lady Fingersandtoes created the foot version of it in this cartoon! In Lady's picture, each foot holds a pen between the toes & prints the outline of the other foot! Also, check out Pixelman's body language of confusion!

    Both feet in Lady's picture are lefties! You can tell by the big toes. (Or foot thumbs, as I like to call them)

  36. Handshake Horror

    Since the coronavirus pandemic happened, people don't shake each other's hands anymore because germs could spread from 1 person's hand to the other! But maybe they'll shake hands again after the pandemic ends...

  37. Dimensions Matter!

    Multiplication by zero always gives you zero, as you may already know! I purposely put a grid in the background so you can measure the sizes of the square & the line segment.

  38. The 4 Types of Sentences

    P.S.: Sometimes, a command can also be an exclamation, especially if the commander is angry at whomever he/she is commanding!

  39. The 7 Interrogative Words

  40. 13th Anniversary!

    I created this anniversary cartoon 2 months early!

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