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  1. A Common Cartooning Mistake Made By Beginners!

  2. It's impossible to arrange 2 objects like in the incorrect drawing. Remember to mind your object spacing in your perspective drawings, folks, so that you don't overlap crowded objects or characters!

    Michelle Lipstick - the character in the 2nd panel of the comic - is transparent because she's using her magic headpiece that allows her to become invisible, intangible &/or transparent; when she's at least transparent, she's also intangible & can phase thru things that have at most a medium density level!

  3. Thanks for 221,000 Hits!

  4. Penny Pincher the Sales Fairy is gripping the stick of the sign with her toes as she pets Bankster the Rainbow Caterpillar with her prehensile foot!

  5. Thanks for 221,000 Hits!(Continued!)

  6. Now she's playfully smushing Bankster with her prehensile foot! In case you haven't seen the Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes Mini-Saga yet, friendly-fire-immunity spaces allow truly-friendly characters to do rather violent actions to each other without hurting each other! (However, enemies will still be able to hurt each other in F.F.I.S.'s, so beware.) Such amazing magic it would be if it existed in reality!

  7. Mouse-Bill's Fighting Strategy! NEW IMAGE!

  8. Mouse-Bill the Ratypus has a point with this fighting strategy! Several people against 1 lonely person is NEVER fair! Instead of fairness, just seek victory in anyway possible, especially if you're outnumbered & your adversaries don't fight with honor!

  9. Vehicles Have Always Used Social Distancing! NEW IMAGE!

  10. Dorothy Gale's Special Abilities From Power Peppers NEW IMAGE!

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