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  1. A Common Cartooning Mistake Made By Beginners!

  2. It's impossible to arrange 2 objects like in the incorrect drawing. Remember to mind your object spacing in your perspective drawings, folks, so that you don't overlap crowded objects or characters!

    Michelle Lipstick - the character in the 2nd panel of the comic - is transparent because she's using her magic headpiece that allows her to become invisible, intangible &/or transparent; when she's at least transparent, she's also intangible & can phase thru things that have at most a medium density level!

  3. Thanks for 221,000 Hits!

  4. Penny Pincher the Sales Fairy is gripping the stick of the sign with her toes as she pets Bankster the Rainbow Caterpillar with her prehensile foot!

  5. Thanks for 221,000 Hits!(Continued!)

  6. Now she's playfully smushing Bankster with her prehensile foot! In case you haven't seen the Pixelman & Lady Fingersandtoes Mini-Saga yet, friendly-fire-immunity spaces allow truly-friendly characters to do rather violent actions to each other without hurting each other! (However, enemies will still be able to hurt each other in F.F.I.S.'s, so beware.) Such amazing magic it would be if it existed in reality!

  7. Mouse-Bill's Fighting Strategy!

  8. Mouse-Bill the Ratypus has a point with this fighting strategy! Several people against 1 lonely person is NEVER fair! Instead of fairness, just seek victory in anyway possible, especially if you're outnumbered & your adversaries don't fight with honor!

  9. Vehicles Have Always Used Social Distancing!

  10. Dorothy Gale's Special Abilities From Power Peppers

  11. Footballs Vs. Soccer Balls

  12. A Lowercase Letter Illusion!

  13. Ninja Maryanne

  14. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, people had to wear these ninja masks over their mouths & noses in public places to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I also play a video game called "Fruit Ninja"!(Heard of it?) That's where I got the idea of this cartoon!

    I made Maryanne's mask transparent so you can see her mouth & know that she's smiling!

  15. Panel Penetration

  16. Genius-Haters Suck!

  17. Sometimes, school felt like this to me! Unfortunately, idiots outnumber geniuses & most idiots are genius-haters! Whenever smart people show their intelligence in school with bullies around, the bullies lambaste them for it! In fact, I was lambasted for it, too! All I had to do was share my knowledge, mentioning a fact I knew, and then BAM! A genius-hating brute would lambaste me!

    "1 + 3 = 4"; SMACK! "2 × 3 = 6"; WHAM! "The square root of 100 is 10"; POW! "162 = 256"; SLAM!

    A student's intelligence is so unappreciated in school! People are sent to school to learn & be educated, yet ironically, they're brutally punished by bullies just for focusing on their own educations, like the bullies should be doing! No self-respecting person goes to school to be judged or over-criticized! The hatred of geniuses needs to be eliminated!

  18. Einstein Extension!

  19. A bold dot can also be used as a multiplication symbol, just in case you didn't know.

  20. Yoga Danielle

  21. To the Bottom Back to Top

  22. Commercial Concerning the Coronavirus

  23. Thanks for 221,250 Hits!

  24. These are the 3 Sportz Sisters! Pictured from left-to-right respectively are Baseball-Girl AKA Barbara Sportz, Basketball-Girl AKA Brenda Sportz & Tennisball-Girl AKA Tammy Sportz. Notice that they have a sheet of paper glued to the bottom of each shoe sole with a letter spelling the word "THANKS"! (There's 1 letter for each foot!)

  25. A Fact About Christmas

  26. It figures why Christmas is exactly 1 week from the new year; due to it being the 25th day of December, a month has at most 31 days & 25 + 7 = 32.

  27. Confusing Coincidence

  28. After imagining Lady Fingersandtoes, I remembered that in a scene from the episode entitled "Bellicose Burger!" Burger said that he hated the word "lady", which happens to be Lady Fingersandtoes' 1st name! So I thought about how she would react if she found out.

    In that episode, Burger hadn't formed a truce with the Brass Ladies or received redemption yet. His temper tantrum on tape hurt Lady Fingersandtoes' feelings; however, after Pixelman tells her that Burger was just blowing off some steam, she reconsiders her reaction. As she returns, Burger then explains that what he actually hates is when the word "lady" is used to take advantage of men.

  29. Math Statements on Graphing Calculators starring Miss One & Miss Zero

  30. Candy Cane Connection

  31. Ever played Dominoes? You're only allowed to connect dominoes' sides if they have the exact same number of dots. Candy canes can be connected in a similar way, like what is shown in this cartoon. (Except that candy canes have stripes instead of dots!) They're connected at the tips!

    Derek C. Jr. knows that it's not polite to play with your food, but why not make art with your food? Chantelle Lipstick takes a candy cane from the figure & eats it just to be cute!

  32. Potato Chip Panic!

  33. Just in case you're wondering, the potato chips in this cartoon are BBQ-favored! That's why they're brown!

  34. Video Game Evolution 7

  35. The Reluctant President (Dreamwise)

  36. Awesome Apology

  37. Skating Race

  38. Another one of my older pictures that I forgot to upload to the Website sooner! At least you can find it at my account.

  39. Video Game Evolution 8

  40. The 3 house-hopping characters in the video game are Fritz Godzilla, Wilbur Tadpolar the Frog & Elizabeth Godzilla-Fritz's sister.(From left-to-right respectively) The smiley sun counts as an additional character!

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