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  1. Red Pill Vs. Blue Pill

  2. Dr. John Von Foolish gets to star in this image I drew related to the romance vs. sexism subject I typed about at my Wordpress account.

  3. Thanks for 221,500 Hits!

  4. Planet Protection

  5. Inside Outrageous!

  6. This cartoon is based on Disney & Pixar's "Inside Out" movie. It features my own characters playing a specific emotion from the original movie except that I added an extra 6th one: Wit!

  7. Farewell to the Flash Player

  8. Dr. John Von Foolish is right; all good times do come to an end. But fortunately, so do bad times! Alice L. weeps about the fact that people won't be able to access the Flash games on the Puzzles & Games Page or the special Flash files in the Extra Section without the Flash Player.

    Finally, I want to mention a lesson I learned since the Coronavirus Pandemic happened: Never hesitate to do happy activities; always take opportunities to be happy. Besides, waiting for happiness is unhappiness!

  9. Al Dös II: Derek C. Jr. Gets A Red Flag

  10. According to this sequel about Derek's red, villainous, former friend, you can see another reason why he didn't stay friends with Al!

  11. Archy Ant's Advice

  12. Unpopular Show Network

  13. Unpopularity is such a joke, even on the receiving end! If I ever become rich enough to own a television network, I think I'll name it after this pocket joke cartoon!

    The pizza behind the name of the network has the 2 most unpopular toppings: 1st place, anchovies & 2nd place, pineapples.

  14. Life's 4 Main Activities

  15. Scaleena

  16. The Alice of "Alice in Wonderland" finally gets a superheroine name as an adapted character in this cartoon series! It suits her, too!

  17. Video Game Evolution 9

  18. To Eat Meat Or Not To Eat Meat?

  19. As you may have guessed, Robert decided to be a vegetarian, unlike his cousin Sue!

  20. Sleep Multiplied by Sleep

  21. To the Bottom Back to Top

  22. Campground 2: Sloping Perspective Grid of the Ground

  23. You should recognize this cartoon if you seen it on Page #3. It's the 20th still image of that page. Here, I included the sloping perspective grid! Notice that my principal character Derek C. Jr. is sleeping at the angle line. With the grid included in the image, the 2 logs in the foreground appear to be floating! Considering the legs of the 4 sitting characters & that I drew no shadows in this picture, the logs might as well be floating...and they are, because they're covered with cavorite! Cavorite is an antigravity element that makes objects float above the surface of a planet. Plus, with this fantasy confirmed to be true for the cartoon, it's still a correct drawing!

  24. Color Coordination

  25. The statement in the ending panel is very true! Colors mean a lot in cartoons, especially when things(characters included) change colors! When something(or somebody) changes colors in a cartoon, it usually means that there's something special happening to them or something special about them! But I couldn't just change the colors of Candy Mississippi Stripes without telling her that's she's just fine. Since she was aware of the color changes, I had to send her this message with T.V. Man as the messenger.

    Also, have you noticed that Candy's middle name is the name of a state? I didn't print it in the cartoon, but you can see it here in the description!

  26. Burger's 47th Birthday

  27. Burger is the only character in the cartoon not wearing a birthday party hat since he's not so enthusiastic about celebrating his birthday!

  28. How the Characters Know Who'll Be in a Next Cartoon!

  29. At the time I made this cartoon, I considered putting Dottie Doll in the next cartoon as the main character.

  30. Polka Dottie!

  31. Just in case you're wondering why, Dottie Doll dances on sunflower seeds just to make her tap-dancing louder! Since you can't hear the music due to the cartoon being unanimated, she dances to polka music; hence, the title!

  32. Mad Hatter's Quote

  33. An Icy Knock Knock Joke

  34. Vacuumasaurus

  35. I meant to put this character in a "Calvin & Drake" episode, but I already decided not to make any more episodes for my cartoon series so that I would have more time for other important things. The stories of the episodes got so long that they took too much time for 1 single person like me to finish!

    Anyway, check out Vacuumasaurus' superpower. The white dots by the pile of watermelons are his breath bringing the watermelons closer to his mouth. I drew direction arrows to show that they're going upward! He has teeth, even though you can't see them, so he can chew up his food to swallow it more easily.

  36. Being Good Vs. Feeling Good

  37. I recycled the 7th panel from the epic comic strip entitled: "Queasy Qualms" in this cartoon. It's appropriate for the chosen subject.

  38. Safety & Etiquette with Sharp Things!

  39. Dumb Deal

  40. Renata Yum-Yum is a villainess because she does hypocritical stuff to her students. She judges her students unfairly & even does disrespectful actions to them that she doesn't want others to do unto her! That makes her a hypocrite.

  41. Video Game Evolution 10

  42. This is the 600th cartoon in this section! Caroline Paint consoles Carlton Marker after he fails to beat the 25th level of a video game.

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