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  1. Red Pill Vs. Blue Pill

  2. Dr. John Von Foolish gets to star in this image I drew related to the romance vs. sexism subject I typed about at my Wordpress account.

  3. Thanks for 221,500 Hits!

  4. Planet Protection

  5. Inside Outrageous! NEW IMAGE!

  6. This cartoon is based on Disney & Pixar's "Inside Out" movie. It features my own characters playing a specific emotion from the original movie except that I added an extra 6th one: Wit!

  7. Farewell to the Flash Player NEW IMAGE!

  8. Dr. John Von Foolish is right; all good times do come to an end. But fortunately, so do bad times! Alice L. weeps about the fact that people won't be able to access the Flash games on the Puzzles & Games Page or the special Flash files in the Extra Section without the Flash Player.

    Finally, I want to mention a lesson I learned since the Coronavirus Pandemic happened: Never hesitate to do happy activities; always take opportunities to be happy. Besides, waiting for happiness is unhappiness!

  9. Al Dös II: Derek C. Jr. Gets A Red Flag NEW IMAGE!

  10. According to this sequel about Derek's red, villainous, former friend, you can see another reason why he didn't stay friends with Al!

  11. Archy Ant's Advice NEW IMAGE!

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