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  1. The Trigonometry of Social Distancing

  2. The sextuplets in the 2nd panel are standing exactly 2 yards apart, the minimum required distance in social distancing. But the sextuplets in the 1st panel are not standing the exact same distance apart due to Triangle #1. A right isosceles triangle always has a hypotenuse that has the length equal to the square root of 2 multiplied by the length of each of the 2 equal sides! Also notice that the sextuplets are wearing masks!

  3. Another Common Cartooning Mistake Made By Beginners!

  4. Light & Shade is perhaps 1 of the trickiest drawing techniques to learn! I recycled a painting I did back in high school to use in this cartoon; plus, it shows how much I developed my art skills. Sabrina can hover above the ground/floor since she's a fairy; if her shadow was missing, then the viewer wouldn't be able to tell if her feet were touching the ground/floor or not!

  5. How Ladies Greet You in Blueworld

  6. The 3 characters pictured in this cartoon from left-to-right respectively are: Lady Fingersandtoes, Patience Muffet & Chantelle Amber Lipstick. Lady is wearing flip-flop sandals, Patience is wearing ballet flats & Chantelle is wearing Mary Janes. (Those are the names of the shoe styles!)

  7. Barbecue-Basket-Quenchers!

  8. The game that the characters are playing in this cartoon is a parody of traditional basketball! However, there's a difference in this game's rules: the players don't have to dribble the ball/nugget! Besides, you wouldn't want to eat food that touched the ground or floor anyway because of germs.

    This cartoon is a remake of a lost cartoon that I made for an art project back when I was in high school. I got the idea from how people dunk their chicken nuggets into cups of tangy sauce & how a basketball move is referred to as dunking!

    Note: The word "barbecue" can also be correctly spelled by replacing the "C" with a "Q", like this: "barbeque".

  9. Misfortune Cookie 2!

  10. This sequel explains why all 100 of those misfortune cookies had the exact same message. No wonder Burger got so much misfortune when he was around the ladies!

  11. War Vs. Peace

  12. If you haven't seen Season 8, Episode 9: "The Back-Story of Mr. X & Mr. Y", you should go check it out now after seeing this cartoon short. That episode explains why these 2 lettermen glyphs fought each other.

  13. The Magic Word: Please

  14. Stupidity Isn't Cool!

  15. Mack & Cheshire!

  16. Entertainment is Never a Waste of Time!

  17. Unpopular Show Network 2: Sabrina Pixie's Questions

  18. A Toe-tally Common Cartooning Mistake!

  19. You only have to worry about this mistake if you draw your characters barefoot or in sandals!

  20. Purpose Pondering

  21. To the Bottom Back to Top

    If you're having a little trouble telling Phono & Phona apart, Phona is the telephonic robot that's wearing the white gloves & pink ballet flats on her feet.

  22. Mr. Murderer!(Part 1)

  23. Mr. Murderer!(Part 2)

  24. What a violent nickname Al Dös gave himself! Sorry to anyone who finds this mini-comic 2-parter very violent due to the villain using a machine gun. Thankfully however, our blue hero found an item that made him invulnerable, so the bullets couldn't hurt him anymore! In reality, temporary invulnerability would come in handy in crime-fighting, especially if the criminals have guns.

  25. Archy Ant Loses His Voice

  26. 1 of my favorite voice actors - Gilbert Gottfried - passed away in the year 2022. He had the perfect voice for my Archy Ant character! In fact, I used a few voice samples of him in some of my animations that featured Archy Ant. Now that he's gone, somebody else with a similar-sounding voice will have to voice Archy Ant instead, if my cartoon series ever makes it to television. (Boy, do my cartoons need more support!)

  27. How to 'Accidentally' Draw a House

  28. The 2 Ways to Install a Roll of Toilet Paper

  29. Turnover

  30. Sometimes you draw the cartoon, sometimes the cartoon draws you!

    This is another classic cartoon image of mine that I thought that I already uploaded to this section, only to find out that I actually didn't! But anyway, here it is!

  31. Speed Crowns

  32. Since Candy & Fudge normally have the same top running speed, the speed crowns fixed it so that Candy could run 4 times than Fudge!

  33. A 'Fairy' Good Way to Measure 'Fairy' Tall Things!

  34. I recycled 4 old images from the rough draft version of my cartoon series to use as a mathematical mini-comic strip! I also noticed how much curvier my female characters are in my newer drawings, compared to these recycled image panels.

    Note: If the text is difficult to read, click on this image for a better view.

  35. Penny Pincher Interviews the Greedy Renata Yum-yum

  36. Life With Flash Vs. Life Without Flash

  37. Here's another image that you can click on for a better view. Remember that if you see your mouse arrow turn into a glove pointing its index finger, then that means you can click on the image to make something happen!

  38. Genetics of the Glyphs

  39. A Superpowered Non-Sequitor Comic!

  40. This is another 1 of my older images from the rough draft version of my cartoon series that I wanted to include among the masterpieces. Unfortunately, I lost the original bitmap file of this cartoon a long time ago; but fortunately, I already printed it out & stuck it onto 1 of my rough draft drawing books, so I could simply scan it & save it into a new image file!

    Now to tell you what is going on in each of the 4 panels: In the top-left panel, a powered-up Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins is screaming at Onio Vegetable to give him a headache! (This cartoon takes place before the Hamburger Heavy Metallers & Brass Ladies formed a truce in the Season 5 Finale!) In the top-right panel, Brain is trying to blast down a tough door to continue his superhero mission. In the bottom-left panel, a powered-up Candy Stripes is tossing energy sprinkles at a powered-up Burger Meat Food to attack him! (He glows red when he's powered up!)And finally in the bottom-right panel, Slinky & Sleeky are trying to inhale a banana squid; the 2 superworm brothers are about to eat the creature for lunch! (Slinky's the yellow one & Sleeky's the teal one)

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