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  1. The Trigonometry of Social Distancing NEW IMAGE!

  2. The sextuplets in the 2nd panel are standing exactly 2 yards apart, the minimum required distance in social distancing. But the sextuplets in the 1st panel are not standing the exact same distance apart due to Triangle #1. A right isosceles triangle always has a hypotenuse that has the length equal to the square root of 2 multiplied by the length of each of the 2 equal sides! Also notice that the sextuplets are wearing masks!

  3. Another Common Cartooning Mistake Made By Beginners! NEW IMAGE!

  4. Light & Shade is perhaps 1 of the trickiest drawing techniques to learn! I recycled a painting I did back in high school to use in this cartoon; plus, it shows how much I developed my art skills. Sabrina can hover above the ground/floor since she's a fairy; if her shadow was missing, then the viewer wouldn't be able to tell if her feet were touching the ground/floor or not!

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