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  1. Why After Why

  2. Biffy the Karate Poodle!

  3. Distance Determination 2

  4. In case you don't know, is approximately equal to 6.28318530717959.

  5. The 351st Trophy!

  6. The Foreseeing of the Final Episode

  7. Did you notice that Faye Pixie is wearing clashing ballet flats? The one for her left foot is pink & the one for her right foot is yellow!

    I sent a mail to my cartoon characters in that fictionalization way to inform them about my Series Finale! Maybe we'll start getting mails from outer space after contacting aliens on other planets!

  8. 2 Cars Can't Occupy 1 Parking Space!

  9. Sleepiness Vs. Restlessness

  10. Dottie Doll's Diet

  11. 15th Anniversary

  12. I actually created my 15th anniversary cartoon 20 days earlier than the actual 15th anniversary!

  13. Mary Jane Shoe Mania!

  14. This cartoon is the sequel to "How Female Feet Get A's!"

  15. Monster Meltdown!

  16. Bunion Badness

  17. The Search for Immortality & Eternal Happiness (Part 1)

  18. To the Bottom Back to Top

  19. The Search for Immortality & Eternal Happiness (Part 2)

  20. Do you have an idea who this "J.C." being could be? No? Okay, I'll give you just 1 clue: If this being was never born, then Christmas wouldn't exist!

  21. Trickiness Vs. Tricking!

  22. Yes, the 2 girls are floating because they're pretty good magicians due to looking exactly the same! The one to the right is Annie Squashington & the one to the left is Queenie Squashington.

  23. Video Game Evolution 11

  24. Bubblepuss is a bad guy who appears in these cartoons sometimes. As a bad guy, he deserves to get kicked!

    The video game screen is split into 2 halves to suggest different moments of time. (There's only 1 Sabrina in the video game!)

  25. Musical Gates

  26. Thanks For 223,000 Hits!

  27. Video Game Evolution 12

  28. Since Olivia Spider has 8 prehensile feet, she can grip up to 32 blue chips between her toes! Each coin is used as a toe separator! (That's 4 per foot between the 5 toes; 1 in each toe space!) Patience used the toes of her right foot to grab her joystick from the floor; she's about to grab it from her prehensile foot with her right hand!

  29. Toy Train Trouble

  30. Christmas Foot Joke

  31. Burger & T.V. Man Talk About the Titanic

  32. Burger is absolutely right; even less important things have some value or importance, even if it's a smaller amount. The men who died in the sinking of the Titanic were also fathers & husbands to some of the survivors.

  33. Drawing Vs. Animating

  34. This cartoon is about the differences between drawing cartoons & animating them. If the text is difficult for you to read, you can click on it for a better view.

  35. The Lousiest Data Devices That Ever Existed!

  36. When Brain Reads a Pure Evil Mind

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