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  1. The Purpose of Printing on Paper

  2. Name Irony

  3. Chronological Craftwork

  4. Superstition Fruition

  5. Video Game Evolution 13

  6. Imagine how Player 1's character in a video game would feel if Player 2's character ran out of extra lives and the 2 players & their characters are a team. The 1st video game character would have to continue struggling in the video game without the 2nd one around to help. Unless the players can trade extra lives between their characters or the other player can use a "continue" if the video game allows it, the remaining player in the game would be on his/her own until the game eventually ends. That's how it feels to lose a loved one. And unfortunately in reality, you get only 1 chance to survive a dangerous situation; so you have to fight like it. In video games, characters get more than 1 chance to survive a dangerous situation! Don't you wish that reality was that flexible?

    Anyway, the 3 unfriendly creatures you see in the image are a porcupine, a fork beetle & a scorpion.(From top-to-bottom respectively) The 2 golden bells are called jungle bells, which can be used to stun all of the creatures on the screen.

    You can click on this image to get a fuller view.

  7. Video Game Evolution 14

  8. Silence Vs. the Letter V!

  9. I also noticed that the letter V is half of my favorite letter of the alphabet: X!

  10. Silver Mortonium

  11. If you seen the episode entitled: "Shirley Locks" &/or its sequel: "Shirley Locks Gets Busted", you should remember what happened to Greg Locks. He's Goldie's father & Shirley's husband. However, Shirley was a bad wife & mother! In fact, she was responsible for Greg's death.

    This is the very 1st time that a zombie appeared in 1 of my cartoons! There's a 1st time for everything! It's appropriate for the Halloween season!

    You can click on this image to get a fuller view.

  12. Video Game Evolution 15

  13. Have you noticed how I made a parody of the Nintendo Gamecube?

    For an extreme close-up of the CD, click on the image!

  14. T.V. Man's Ink Blot

  15. Sometimes, psychologists show these ink blots that allow you to see things in them depending on their random shapes & your imagination! They're an interesting way to exercise your imagination!

  16. Wordy Wishing Starring Smoky the Genie

  17. Some people probably got married in not-so-healthy bodies!

  18. Being Simple Vs. Being Complex

  19. To the Bottom Back to Top

    Math Equation B simplified is -1 × 2 = -2.

  20. The Circle of Life Divided Into 3 Parts

  21. Video Game Evolution 16

  22. Thanks for 223,500 Hits!

  23. The 666th Pocket Joke Cartoon Special!

  24. This cartoon simply has fire in it to create the humorous gag! Here's a bonus fact about temperature: 666°F = 352 + 2/9°C = 625 + 2/9 K! (F is for Fahrenheit, C is fro Celsius & K is for Kelvin.)

  25. Dr. John Von Foolish Vs. Cancer(In Blob Form)

  26. Burger's 2-Sided Sign

  27. Burger's behavior in some of my cartoons may have made him seem misogynistic, but he doesn't hate women. He hates the way some women treat men!

  28. Pretty Proportion! NEW IMAGE!

  29. Pretty Proportion! (Continued) NEW IMAGE!

  30. Being Named After a Color NEW IMAGE!

  31. What if you didn't know what your skin color is? Would racism about skin color still have its negative effect on you? Then again, if it's about the color of your fur or hair or any other body part, then being judged about its color can still be annoying!

    Anyway, color schemes have reserved themes. Some color schemes represent more pleasant themes & some of them represent darker, less pleasant themes. Brighter color schemes are a better choice for more pleasant themes; darker ones are more reserved for rather grim themes!

  32. Villain Thoughtfulness! NEW IMAGE!

  33. This is the very 1st comic strip of my cartoon series in which none of the heroic characters are present. They're absent this time for a specific reason! I made a bunch of cartoons that exclude all of the villains & only include the heroes or antiheroes. Since heroes are more pleasant, the heroes of my cartoons get to appear more often than the villains. But there's no rule that says that a villain can't be the main character of a story!

    Anyway, 1 main reason why goodness is better than badness is that badness cannot even succeed in being bad, like how goodness succeeds in being good. Besides, in a way, badness is just spoiled goodness. So some good actions can cleanse badness back into goodness!

  34. 2 Specific Shoe Stores NEW IMAGE!

  35. The focal point of the feet is the toes, along with the balls of the feet!

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