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  1. Poker/Toilet Joke

  2. Sue's New Outfit

  3. X-Ray Vision Joke

  4. Camera Joke

  5. Thanksgiving

  6. Sabrina Pixie Vs. Halloween

  7. Sabrina's Halloween Sarcasm

  8. Sabrina's Halloween Sarcasm(Continued)

  9. Audience Info

  10. Derek C. Jr. & Friends at Washington, D.C.

  11. Explanation of the Martins Family

  12. Kick or Treat

  13. Mack the Mouse Reveals His Surname

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  14. Clockroach Joke

  15. Burger & the Cop

    Burger doesn't like cops too much. This is one bad experience he had with a cop. He's in trouble for hitting a woman, and you know how society feels about men hitting women. Burger doesn't have a very good reputation, because he gets into fights with females. He is what you would call an antihero. Although Burger doesn't get along with most women and cops for that matter, deep down inside he's good-hearted and wants equality for both sexes; if only he would stop talking rude to females, people would understand him better. By the way, Burger had to spend a week in jail after this funny argument!

  16. Banana Bash

  17. Matter of Infinity I

  18. Matter of Infinity II

  19. Matter of Infinity III

  20. Be Kind To Cartoonists

  21. Nothing Joke

  22. Giant Piano

  23. Giantess Sabrina Pixie

  24. Incrediberry-Stomping Game

  25. Candy's Board Game

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