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  1. 9 of Danielle Lipstick's Outfits

  2. Goldilocks' Nicknames & Hidden Powers

  3. Burger Grows Up

  4. Thanks for 200 Hits!

  5. Mean Bean

    Burger is about to throw a heavy bean at the 6 Annie Sisters!

  6. Ground Ski

  7. High Wire

    Candy walks on a high wire tightrope, she uses the stick for balance. Brain is there to catch her in case she falls.

  8. Burger's Poem

    Burger is a character with woman trouble; he has problems getting along with women. However, he is on the side of justice, but his reputation isn't so good.

  9. The Balloon of Imagination

  10. Humor Is Relative (Part 1)

  11. Humor Is Relative (Part 2)

  12. Humor Is Relative (Part 3)

  13. The Lipstick Sisters: Danielle & Michelle

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  14. Crayonman & Company

  15. Sky Watch

  16. Derek C. Jr. About To Grab A Trophy

    This is the image that was used as a thumbnail for the animation "Trophy Trek" at

  17. Mr. Target's Scary Ride: Before the Ride

  18. Mr. Target's Scary Ride: During the Ride

  19. Mr. Target's Scary Ride: After the Ride

  20. Campground

  21. Impossible Penetrations

  22. Weed-Picking Worries

    Candy was picking weeds with her toes to collect all the carrots in the garden, but it looks like she picked up a firecracker that's about to explode!

  23. Circus Act

  24. At the Museum

  25. Cake Bake

    Olivia Spider & Spidy Archind are baking a cake together. But have you noticed that Olivia is stiring the batter with her 2 front feet?(She has no hands, but 8 feet!) At least her feet aren't touching the batter, so no one should get sick! Thankfully, she's holding a spoon between her toes.

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