The Convenience of Calculators

You probably already learned how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, do algebra & so on from all the math classes you took. It must have taken more time to solve a math problem without a calculator, but calculators can be very convenient, especially in trigonometry, calculus & other more advanced mathematics! Calculators can help you solve more math problems, especially graphing calculators!

It would probably be impossible to solve specific math equations without the right kind of calculator. An algebra problem with too many unknown variables can't be solved without enough information & the right information.

Consider the function below:

Y = X^X

Let Y be equal to 9 for this example.

What could X be? Well, there are 2 ways you can try to solve for X without a calculator:

However, there is no rational number that when raised to the power of itself equals 9. According to the TI-83 Plus, X is equal to an irrational number that's approximately 2.450953928 in this equation. That kind of calculator was designed for solving these kinds of advanced problems.

To conclude already, you shouldn't feel stupid just because you need to use a calculator to solve a math problem. (Especially difficult ones, like the one on this Web page!) Just be glad that somebody was smart enough to invent the calculator! Plus, technological things, such as machines, gradually get more advanced as technology progresses thru time. Isn't technology great?

© Derek Cumberbatch