Moral Confusion & the Morality Paradox

Here is a paradox I discovered using logic: the Morality Paradox. I was so scared to share it, I thought it would end the world! Seriously! Besides, not everyone understands logic.(Especially stupid people!) Anyway, see the truth tables; take a look if you dare! And I hope they won't MORALLY CONFUSE you!

P.S.: There are 2 truth tables; 1 table has 2 simple statements, & the other has 3 simple statements...

There are at least 3 things that can cause moral confusion:

  1. An extreme amount of anger (or rage)
  2. Prejudice used against you, like when judgemental people judge you too quickly, and very often I might add!
  3. Taking many punishments you didn't really deserve

Here are some examples of famous, morally confused characters:

(P.S.: Do you know any other characters that are worthy enough to be on this list? About 50% of everything the character you think of does must be either kind or cruel.) The sex ratio of this list is 7 females to 19 males; the males outnumber the females!

Click on the exclamation points in parentheses by each character's name to find out what causes their moral confusion.

  1. Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde (!)
  2. Harvey Dent/Two-Face from Batman: the Animated Series (!)
  3. Catwoman/Selina Kyle also from Batman: the Animated Series (!)
  4. Wario from the Super Mario Bros. Series (!)
  5. Waluigi also from the Super Mario Bros. Series (!)
  6. Donkey Kong (In some of the Super Mario video games) (!)
  7. The Incredible Hulk (!)
  8. Prince Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender (!)
  9. Bart Simpson from the Simpsons (!)
  10. Bigmouth the Orge from the Smurfs (!)
  11. Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes (!)
  12. Daffy Duck also from Looney Tunes (!)
  13. Elizabeth "Sissy" Delmas from Code Lyoko (!)
  14. Bender the Robot from Futurama (!)
  15. Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove (!)
  16. Angelica Pickles from Rugrats (!)
  17. Helga Pataki from Hey, Arnold! (!)
  18. Stewie Griffin from Family Guy (!)
  19. Vegeta from Dragonball Z (!)
  20. Terra from Teen Titans (!)
  21. Mandy of "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" (!)
  22. Chloe Bourgeois/Queen Bee from Miraculous Ladybug (!)
  23. Shrek (!)
  24. Cedric the Sorcerer from Sofia the First (!)
  25. Dan Versus (His surname IS actually "Versus"!) (!)
  26. Burger Meat Food, & this character appears in this cartoon series: "Blueworld Adventures" (Well, at least he was morally confused in some of these cartoons!) (!)

Here's 1 example:

Big Mac:"So you decided to declare war on Pizzanama, huh son? Why?" Burger:"Because there are lots of people there who bother me! Most of them are female, too! Girls beat me up and the cops there don't even care! In that country, they let women hit men and get away with it! And it makes me sick! In any kind of crime, gender doesn't matter, and it shouldn't! They should bring their criminals to justice even if they're female! I think they deserved to be bombed! Bunch of clowns!"

This is a scene from the Season 4 epic cartoon: "Bellicose Burger!" Burger was very morally confused in this story! According to what he said, he's morally confused because he had female enemies, where males attacking females is seriously looked down upon! He comes from a barbarbic culture where the 2 sexes have equal strength, socially-his home country Foodland; since he became a foreign exchange student in elementary school, he had to switch over to the more civilized culture of Pizzanama. He's so accustomed to his original culture that this new culture simply drove him nuts!

Anyway, if a person died in moral confusion, his/her soul would have to go to an interdimensional place between Heaven & Hell: Purgatory. A morally confused character can technically be called an antihero. (or antiheroine if the character is female) Because of this seperation of morality, not everyone can be friends with each other. But whoever the hero or villain of the story is depends on what that character purposely does, & his/her intentions, which can either be good or evil.

To conclude this subject, just always remember to choose your friends wisely, very wisely!

Mr. Harry Fool: "Sometimes, I wonder if you so-called heroes are actually the evil ones! Well, Derek, you big shot hero, are you really a good person or not?" Derek C. Jr.:"Am I good or evil, you ask, Mr. Harry Fool? A good person can't be nice to everyone! Mwa ha ha ha ha!"

Derek C. Jr. is the good guy & Mr. Harry Fool is the evil guy!(Really, it's the truth!)

© Derek Cumberbatch